Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Spicy Pumpkin, Chicken & Veggies!

Wow - this little dish came out to be so amazingly good!!  It's low in calories, fat & sodium, and super high in protein.  It's packed with fiber and tons of veggies!!  Try it NOW!  :)

1 zucchini - chopped
4 mushrooms - chopped
1/5 cup black beans
chicken breast - chopped - and cooked - I used 5.9oz
1/4 cup white kidney beans
2tbsp salsa (I used black bean & corn)
1/3 cup canned pumpkin
1 wedge Laughing Cow Light Cream Cheese
seasoning you like - I used southwest mrs dash, garlic poweder, red pepper, and original mrs dash

Chicken should be cooked through - season it if you like (I used the regular mrs dash on this) - set aside.
Sautee zucchini & mushrooms for a few minutes.  Add in beans.  Sautee for another minute or two (over med-high heat).  Add in the seasonings as well. Then add in the canned pumpkin.  I also added about 1/8 cup water at this point too.  Mix in the cream cheese -- let it melt down a bit -- You should probably break it into pieces for easier blending.  Add in salsa -- make sure blended well and heated through.  Add chicken to dish at the end and blend in with veggie mix.   Dig in and ENJOY!!

360 Calories
5g Fat
32g Carbs
13g Fiber
49g Protein
335mg Sodium

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  1. That does look good - I love using canned pumpkin in dishes. Love to stockpile it after Thanksgiving when it is on sale...

    Nice recipe, thanks!