Sunday, August 28, 2011

Chips & Dip Anyone?

Bean dip... ahh, one of my favorite things EVER! But most of them are so unhealthy!  Then add the chips - even worse.  But don't you sometimes want a snack that seems so indulgent - but that you don't actually have to feel guilty about?!  Well here ya go.... 

1/4 Cup Fat Free Refried Beans
1-2 Tbsp of Salsa (Fat Free)
1 wedge Laughing Cow Light Queso Fresco & Chipotle Cheese
14 Chips - Baked Tostitos Scoops

Combine Refried Beans & Wedge of cheese in microwave safe bowl.  Heat for 30 seconds.  Stir so cheese mixes in smoothly.  Add Salsa, heat for another 15-30 seconds.  ENJOY! 

Bean Dip
100 Calories
1.5g Fat
13.5g Carbs
3.5g Fiber
6g Protein

Baked Tostitos Scoops (1 serving = 14 chips)
120 Calories
3g Fat
22g Carbs
2g Fiber
2g Protein

An awesome indulgent snack for under 330 Calories!

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