Friday, August 26, 2011

Mission: Sardine -- Accomplished!

I talked to one of the trainers at my gym (George) - Tony and I got schooled on fish! George said that Sardines & Anchovies are really good for you - but as we all know, they  are an acquired taste.  My mom, brother, and grandmother all like sardines, so I decided I needed to try them too - in the name of good health! ;)

Grandma and my brother said they like the ones in Mustard, and they said they're good on a white cracker.  I'm not a huge fan of mustard though.  Tony got ahead of me and tried them first - he said they were good in Hot Sauce.  So since I had bought a can several days ago (before Tony even tried them) I thought I better go ahead and jump in! 

They looked kind of weird - But I got over that pretty quick.  I tried them with hot sauce and with Pretzel Crisps (like in 'the burbs') -- Tasted kinda like tuna!  I'm thinking could you mash them up and make a 'sardine salad' like tuna salad?
1 serving has 1.0g omega-3 fatty acids - and are a great source of calcium!  Score!

I tried Brunswick (this is by Bumble Bee) in water, no salt added. 

Serving Size - 1 can
140 Caloris
7g Fat
0g Carbs
19g Protein
So I had some for lunch.

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