Thursday, April 19, 2012

My day in foood.....

I haven't posted a menu in a while, but I thought I'd go ahead and post a some pictures of my day - in food.  When I tell people what I eat they ask me how in the world I'm following diet, or they just give me an "Ew, that sounds gross"..... It's not gross.  What I tend to believe is that they aren't used to eating healthy foods so it sounds gross because their palette has been ruined by fast food and unhealthy options.  I do make myself have a cheat day (or cheat afternoon) every week.  Even on my cheat days I don't go all out crazy but there is a spike in my calorie intake.  And honestly, while I enjoy the things I treat myself to on my cheat days (sweets, bread, fruit), I can't wait to get back to my normally healthy eating the next morning.  So here's what my average day looks like.....


*Hot Tea
*Chocolate Black Bean Protein Shake (black beans, chocolate protein, cocoa powder, coconut almond milk blend, ice, dry instant coffee)
*Pumpkin Greek Yogurt (Plain Greek Yogurt, cinnamon, splenda packet, canned pumpkin)
*Sauteed Cauliflower

377 Calories
3g Fat
43g Carbs
15g Fiber
49g Protein
342mg Sodium


*Sauteed Cauliflower
*a few nuts (Planters Nutrition South Beach Diet Mix) - not pictured
*Protein Shake (chocolate protein powder, black beans, white kidney beans, canned pumpkin, liquid egg whites, ice, coconut/almond milk blend) - not pictured
*Veggie Tuna Skillet (tuna, spinach, white kidney beans, black beans, mushrooms, onion - sauteed together, and then topped with salsa)

524 Calories
13g Fat
55g Carbs
22g Fiber
53g Protein
548mg Sodium


*Baked Salmon
*Sugar Snap Pea Stir-Fry (this is a pre-packaged frozen blend from WalMart - comes with no sauce/seasoning so very low sodium, I usually season with Mrs. Dash or Perfect Pinch Salt Free varieties)
*Veggie/Bean Skillet (black beans, chickpeas, spinach, mushrooms, onions sauteed together - topped with a bit of shredded cheddar cheese)

300 Calories
6g Fat
29g Carbs
11g Fiber
30g Protein
380mg Sodium


Outside of my regular three meals a day, I also have some snacks..... Some of my typical snacks include.....
*raw broccoli w/roasted red pepper hummus
*peanut butter mixed with chocolate protein powder - and then frozen
*cucumber "chips" with Salsa


I mostly just drink water.  Seriously.  I do drink Hot Tea in the mornings, for my caffeine kick.  Occasionally I'll have a cup of hot tea (decaf) in the evenings.  But throughout the day I drink water.  A lot of water.  I do have soda once or twice a week.  A few times a week I also spruce up my water with Crystal Light.  But on average I'm drinking 15-20 cups of water a day (usually on the higher end when I work out hard, or sweat a lot during my workouts).


  1. Your menu sounds awesome to me!

    I agree - most people have no idea at all what it means to eat in a healthy manner, as you are doing. Too many sweets have made their taste buds lazy, too many fats and salts have made them crave it more and more.

    I drink a lot of water as well - at least 75-80 ounces a day. I think most people go through life semi-dehydrated, and their bodies adjust to running sub-par. I think of water to my body like oil to a car. You have to keep it clean and fresh, or the car's machinery gums up. Same with your body.

    Since I started eating Clean, my eyes are now so open to how much utter cr*p I was shoveling down my throat - for years and years. I can't believe now how I treated my body then.

    1. Thanks Maura! I don't claim to eat 100% healthy, and I know I don't eat 'clean' all the time. BUT I do try to eat healthy for the most part - and I feel so much better than when I was abusing my body with the crap I was eating!! I agree on the water - and I like the oil analogy -- it's true. I see people all the time who say It's hard to drink all that water. really? but you can drink that much soda or sugary sweet drinks - so why can't you drink water?