Thursday, August 2, 2012

Breakfast Ideas.....

When I talk to people that are trying to lose weight (or not) it seems most people struggle the most with either eating breakfast - or figuring out what to eat for breakfast.  First off, I'm a huge believer in breakfast being the most important meal of the day.  It jump starts your metabolism, gives your brain boost, and just gets you going.  You are doing yourself a serious disservice if you aren't eating breakfast.  Now, if it's between nothing and a donut - EAT THE DONUT.  Yep I said it.  While a donut/pastry isn't a great healthy option, it's actually better than nothing when it comes to breakfast.  But ideally you should try to make healthy choices for breakfast -- So I've decided to post some pictures of my breakfasts.  I never take a lot of time preparing my breakfast - and some of this stuff can be prepared in advance, so you have NO EXCUSES!  :) 

Today's breakfast first....

Protein shake = 1/4 cup canned pumpkin + 1/2 cup Silk Light Chocolate + 1 scoop Body Fortress Chocolate Protein Powder + 1/8 cup white kidney beans + 1/2 tbsp cocoa powder + ice.

Cinnamon Brown Sugar Protein Bar (baked these yesterday, cut into 12 bars, wrapped in saran wrap and put in the fridge) - warmed and topped with Sugar-Free w/Fiber Blackberry Preserves

I also had a cup of Stash Double Bergamot Earl Grey Tea

403 Calories
7g Fat
46g Carbs - 14g Fiber (32g net carbs)

44g Protein
173mg Sodium

This was my breakfast (well part of it) from the other day.....
PB Cup Overnight Oats (these are made the night before)  + water + Greek Yogurt mixed w/Vanilla Protein Powder + a clementine

363 Calories
6g Fat
46g Carbs - 6g Fiber (40g net carbs)
46g Protein
155mg Sodium

Here's another big yummy breakfast from this week.....

Plain greek yogurt + vanilla protein powder + truvia + strawberries with brown sugar banana baked oatmeal (made in advance - sliced into bars and wrapped in saran wrap - stored in the fridge)
Egg & veggie scramble (liquid egg whites + spinach + mushrooms + 1 egg topped with a little parmesan

414 Calories
10g Fat
39g Carbs - 4g Fiber (35g net carbs)
50g Protein
212mg Sodium

And some more breakfasts I don't have pictures of.....

Strawberries & Cream overnight oats: strawberries + oatmeal + chia seeds + flax seeds + plain greek yogurt + unsweetened coconut milk + vanilla protein powder -- this is made the night before so it's grab & go
330 Calories
12g Fat
32g Carbs - 10g Fiber (22g net carbs)
29g Protein
58mg Sodium

Plain greek yogurt + plum amazins + almonds + vanilla protein powder + packet splenda
300 Calories
5g Fat
28g Carbs - 3g Fiber (25g net carbs)
39g Protein
133mg Sodium

Protein shake (plain greek yogurt + vanilla protein powder + canned pumpkin + white kidney beans + almond milk + splenda) + clementine + brown sugar banana baked oatmeal
303 Calories
5g Fat
37g Carbs - 9g Fiber (28g net carbs)
29g Protein
140mg Sodium

My breakfasts tend to include the same foods most of the time.....BUT who's saying you can't cook some chicken breast ahead of time and have that for breakfast?  Who says you can't have some salmon?  Find what works for you.  I aim for high protein breakfasts.  On days I'm going to be going to the gym in the morning, I try to have a bit more carbs but nothing too excessive. And the beans in the shakes - if you've read my blog, you know I'm a huge fan of this -- as they blend in easily (you DO NOT taste them) and they make the shake creamier and thicker - they also add fiber! :)

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