Thursday, September 22, 2011

I've come so far....

I woke up on New Year's Day and thought "I'm going to do Weight Watchers".   So I started that day.  People ask me if something happened that made me want to make a change.  No specific event made me want to make a change.  I literally just woke up one day and decided to do it.  I am not one for New Year's Resolutions so I did not make any resolution.  I just made an immediate lifestyle change.

On January 20th, I joined the gym.  I had already lost a few pounds just from eating right, but I knew there was more to healthy living than that.  My friend had been bugging me to join the gym for the longest time, and I finally did.  At first, I hated it. HATED IT.  I would go every day.  But I felt out of place.  I felt like I did not belong there.  And I thought people were looking at me and judging me.  But no one really cared about me.  I realized pretty quickly that everyone was in their own little world there.  I still didn't like it even though I was seeing some results.  I just felt so out of shape.  It was not enjoyable, but I plugged along.  Even if I only went for 30 minutes of Cardio, I was there at least 5 days a week. 

After a month or so, I began to feel the effects of my efforts.  I began to have a lot more energy.  I started looking forward to going to the gym.  In March I signed up with a trainer for 'Fight Like a Girl' -- a striking/kickboxing program that was twice a week for 6 months.  Sounded great, I thought it was outside of my comfort zone so it had to be good.  And I was going to like it - it wasn't cheap and there was no way of getting out of it so I better like it!  I didn't at first.  It kicked my butt!  And I didn't think I would make it through 6 months of it!  But my trainer (Erin) and my partner (and awesome new friend Shelby) had faith in me - way more than I had in myself!  They were both so encouraging to me.  Even though I was very motivated on my own, it's so nice to have people that believe in you.

In April I signed up with an additional trainer for twice a week - just for general personal training. Four days a week with personal trainers?  What in the world was I thinking?!  He took it kind of easy on me at first.  I was his first client here at this gym, and he wasn't sure how hard he should push me.  Another trainer and his client trained with us one day - He insisted I 'had it in me' and that my trainer (Daniel) could push me - and from that day he started kicking my butt too! 

For months, the cardio I was doing on my own was either walking on the treadmill or riding the bike.  I tried the stairmaster once - I was about dying after 5 minutes!  Daniel made me do the elliptical one day - I hated him... But after that I started doing the elliptical almost daily - I do the stairs regularly now too.  It's fascinating to me that now I can do over an hour on the elliptical at one time - and not die! And 20 minutes on the stair climber on a decent pace is nothing!

I was told I should try classes.  My friend at the gym - Tony - suggested Pitaiyo -- and I thank him for that now.   At first, I didn't want to try classes.  What if I mess up?  What will people think?  Everyone will be watching me - eek.  Well once again, I was wrong.  They're paying just as much attention to me as I am to them.  NONE! Pitaiyo (which is not offered everywhere I've learned, but is at my gym because one of the founders/creators works there) is a blend of Pilates, Tai Chi, Yoga, and Qi Gong.  Yea, I'm not coordinated, and my balance I've found is not great.  But I love the class, and I go as often as I can.  I still want to try more classes - Body Combat, Body Pump - and I may even want to try a water class as well. 

The gym is the highlight of my day, and has been for a while.  I work from home now full time, so the gym is like my escape!  I have friends there.  People know me when I walk in.  How did I go from being someone who has never set foot in a gym to someone everyone knows there?  I've even been the topic of conversation at trainer meetings! I've been told I'm an inspiration -- that's flattering, but I don't really see it.  People have asked me how I do it.... What diet am I following... What diet pills am I taking.... 
*I am not dieting.  I made a lifestyle change - and that's the only way to do it I believe.  A diet is temporary.  Diet sounds like you're depriving yourself of things you may really want.  I did weight watchers - but if you know about weight watchers, you know it's not a diet.  You eat what you want.  It just teaches you how to track your food, and helps teach you how to make healthy choices.  I stopped doing weight watchers over two months ago.  I started using a wonderful app called MyFitnessPal.  This app counts calories.  Let's face it, counting calories is a lot more practical than counting points.  Eating right + working out + sleep  = a healthy lifestyle. 

As of my last weigh in on Sunday (9/18/11) I have lost 74.8 pounds.  In my head I know this is a lot.  Everyone tells me they can see such a difference.  I don't always see it.  I notice little things.  Like I know now you can see my collar bones all the time.  I've had to basically get rid of ALL of my old clothes because nothing fits.  I see a difference, but it doesn't seem as dramatic to me as everyone makes it out to be - but I guess it is.  Isn't that like what a super model weighs?  LOL My quest is not to be super thin.  It is to be healthy and happy.

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  1. The transformation has been astounding. Not just in terms of weight loss, but an overall change in attitude. You glow and are "lighter" in spirit! It's been awesome for me to witness and very inspiring!