Thursday, September 1, 2011

Never drink your calories!

I've been hearing this for a while.... and it's so true! 
If you're drinking your calories, you could be destroying your diet!
Seems like dieters -- or those trying to lose weight - don't seem to worry about calories from beverages -- I think they think that it's liquid, how many calories could it have?  Well let's see... (again all this information is readily available for anyone who cares to look for it)

Empty calories -- there's no nutritional value for these drinks.  Plus drinking alcohol can leave you dehydrated. 

Just a few drinks could easily exceed half of your daily calories, or more!

Frozen Margarita - 16oz.
300 Calories
30g Carbs

Long Island Iced Tea 5oz.
292 Calories
32.9mg Sodium
6.61g Carbs

Corona Beer - 12.2oz Bottle
148 Calories
1g Carbs

Yuengling Light Beer - 1 Bottle
99 Calories
9g Carbs

Vodka Martini - 1 Cocktail
200 Calories
3mg Sodium
3.4g Carbs

Mint Mojito - 8oz 
175 Calories

Screwdriver - 1 serving
195 Calories
12.61g Carbs 

 Calories in Non-Alcoholic Beverages can even ruin your diet.... If you want to drink soda, stick with Diet.  If you want something fruity, try to go with a low sugar juice, or drink Crystal Light.  For the those that work out, Gatorade now offers low calorie options with the G2 line, and Powerade has Powerade Zero. 

Coca Cola - 1 Can
140 Calories
50mg Sodium
39g Carbs

Welch's Grape Juice - 8oz 
100 Calories
5g Carbs

McDonalds Strawberry Banana Smoothie - Large
330 Calories
77g Carbs

Lipton Pureleaf Raspberry Iced Tea - 1 bottle
120 Calories
31g Carbs

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