Monday, September 26, 2011

Power Breakfast!

I don't know why but I felt very ambitious this morning when I went to make breakfast!  I ended up making a delicious veggie filled egg white omelet, and had a nutritious fruit/veggie 'smoothie' with it.  So tasty - low calorie - full of protein!  Really this is the type of breakfast we should all be having every day - and it really only took about 5 minutes to put together (I keep chopped veggies in the fridge all the time for salads anyways)

4 egg whites
about 1/4 cup flat leaf or baby spinach
chopped onion
chopped mushrooms
reduced fat mozzarella cheese - (optional) just a sprinkle (about 1/10 - 1/5 of a cup)
Hot sauce (optional) - I use Mexican Hot Sauce
Add egg whites to pan.  Top with veggies.  Cook for a few minutes, fold in half and flip (I used a small frying pan for this so everything stayed together nicely).  Cook for another minute or two.  Transfer to plate, top with cheese & hot sauce.

The fruit/veggie smoothie is NAKED Green Machine!  I had an 8oz serving.
This stuff is amazing!!  One of my friends likes it - but it looks kinda gross so I was wary of it.  I was in BJ's yesterday morning, and saw a lady getting some -- she sang it's praises too.  PLUS there was a coupon - SCORE!!  Totally worth the price without the coupon too!  It's amazingly good!  
Some of the ingredients include - apples, mango, pineapple, banana, kiwi, broccoli, spinach, blue green algae, wheat grass, ginger, & garlic.

So, here's the breakdown for today's power breakfast... 
223 Calories
36g Carbs
1g Fat
17g Protein
258mg Sodium

Try it!!

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