Monday, November 14, 2011

Lunch Wrap With A KICK!

ahhh.... I haven't had this in a while - but it's so tasty, so I had to post it!!

This is way tastier than Arby's - way healthier - and a lot cheaper too!  If you don't like horseradish you can tweek it but it really gives it a nice kick!!

1 Carb Balance Low Carb Tortilla
3 slices Deli Roast Beef
Spinach or Lettuce (I used Spinach today)
Horseradish Mustard
Fat Free Ranch Dressing (I used Market Pantry - It's my fave!)
*Optional* Reduced Fat Cream cheese

*I didn't have any on hand today, but it is delish if you spread about half a TBSP of Reduced Fat Cream Cheese down the center of the tortilla to start - but you don't have to - that will change the nutrition info below a bit but won't add too many calories so well worth it!

Layer in the roast beef, ranch dressing (just about half a TBSP), lettuce or spinach, and Horseradish Mustard -- roll up -- and ENJOY!!  This is great paired with a salad or some other vegetable for a filling & healthy lunch!  You could easily make this in the morning and take this for lunch - tastier and more interesting than a normal boring pb&j sandwich!  :)

169 Calories
4g Fat
20g Carbs
13g Fiber (SCORE!)
570mg Sodium
10g Protein

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