Monday, January 9, 2012

Black Bean & Chicken Wonton Enchiladas

Are you in for a treat!!  These were so amazingly good, I can't wait to have them again!   They were super easy to make, and very delicious to eat.... Look totally guilty, but they are a healthy lunch or dinner.  You could fill the wonton wrappers with pretty much anything I think - I can't wait to experiment more with them... 
1/2 cup Black Beans - rinsed, drained
2tbsp cayenne pepper hummus
1tbsp shredded cheese
chicken breast tenderloins (2) - boil and then shred
12 wonton wrappers
enchilada sauce
fat free sour cream

In food processor, combine beans, hummus, & cheese.  add about 1/4 cup water - use food chopper until smooth - becomes almost a paste.  (water helps keep everything moving as it can get a little dry).  Put this mixture in a bowl.  Add chicken and stir up until well mixed.  Preheat oven to 360.  Spoon mixture into wonton wrappers -- takes maybe a spoonful.  Then with a wet finger (keep a small bowl of water nearby) wet all sides of the wonton.  Fold into triangle and seal with your fingers.  Place wonton's onto lined baking sheet - sprayed with cooking spray.  Spray each wonton lightly too. Lay them out so they are not touching.  Bake for about 8-10 minutes.  I drizzled with a little enchilada sauce and sprinkled with a little bit of shredded cheese - served with a bit of Fat Free Sour Cream. 

Makes 2 servings. 
276 Calories
4g Fat
36g Carbs
4g Fiber
21g Protein
667mg Sodium

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