Friday, January 6, 2012

Chocolate for breakfast? Yes please!!!

Ok so maybe my title was a little deceiving... But this still a great recipe (and there is chocolate in it) so try it!!  I have done this a couple days this week and it's yummy!  I pair this with some scrambled egg whites and it works great!

1 packet BetterOats OatFit Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal
chocolate protein powder (1/4 scoop)
dash of cinnamon

Mix oatmeal, protein powder & cinnamon.  Add water.  Heat in microwave as usual (1 minute).  Stir thoroughly.  Enjoy. 

You'll notice I add cinnamon to a lot of stuff.... Cinnamon is so good for you.  It helps control your blood sugar (for one) so it's good to have in carb-y foods.  Plus it just tastes good.

135 Calories
3g Fat
19g Carbs
3g Fiber
11g Protein
238mg Sodium

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